Waiter Job Description

WaiterThere are many restaurants and each restaurant is unique but the one thing every restaurant needs is a great waiter. Restaurants are always looking for waiters who can offer exceptional experiences for their patrons. The waiter takes orders from customers and delivers food and beverages. You will ensure the quality of food and overall guest experiences are excellent and also take responsibility for all the billing and payment processing. As a waiter, you set up tables for meals by providing complete sets of linens, glassware and silverware. Assist in preparing light food such as salads, desert presentations, bread and appetizers. Welcome guests by greeting them in a professional manner and educating them about the beverage and food menus, the ingredients used in the preparation of menu items and the different cooking methods. Let customers know of any daily offers in the restaurant. Before serving guests food or beverages, you should check them for quality.

As often stated in the waiter job description, a waiter must communicate clearly and in a professional manner with customers, management and coworkers. You must comprehend the given instructions and clearly communicate when you need more directions. Adapt to different personalities of guest and respond to their needs without losing focus or exhibiting a mood that distracts the guests dining experience. As a waiter, it is your duty to clear and clean tables when needed in accordance to the set sanitation standards and complete any side duties as expected such as polishing silverware, filling documents and restaurant set up. A waiter must carry out physical activities in different environmental conditions that require some strength levels including, lifting, walking, balancing, climbing and handling of materials. Must be capable of standing for long periods of time and carry trays that contain different drinks and dishes. Must also have knowledge or quickly learn general mathematical or accounting skills, correctly operate different machines such as the cash registers, mixers and hot beverages.

Approximate Amount of Pay

On average, a waiter can earn $7.14 an hour. The least salary a restaurant can pay you is $2.13 an hour. However, if you get a job in a busy, high-end restaurant, you can make $20.00 an hour on a good shift. Since most of your pay as a waiter will come from tips, you need to have an outgoing personality. If you provide great services to guests, you will earn more money in the form of tips. Sometimes you may provide great service to clients but they may be bad tippers so you end up walking out of such a shift with little or no money.

Education Background

As a waiter, you get a lot on the job training in the restaurant you work in. However, most employers will require you to have the minimum of a diploma in high school or a GED certificate. You should also have good oral and written communication skills.If you hold a bachelor’s degree, it is an added advantage since you can end up working in an upscale restaurant where income tips are greater and eventually enter into management.

Beyond Waiter Job

After getting the most sought shift in your first job as a waiter, it is likely that you will progress to a better paying waiter job in another restaurant. In such restaurants, they provide in training formal manager programs and if you enroll in them you may earn a promotion to a managerial role.

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