Sous Chef Job Description

Sous ChefThe sous chef has an enormous responsibility and is considered vital to the prosperity of any commercial kitchen. The exact responsibilities and duties may change depending on the type of restaurant. Your role will be to prepare culinary delights for clients and execute the menu, making sure there is a high level of performance, customer satisfaction and profitability. Sous Chef job description assumes responsible for the preparation of menu items in the fry stations, pantry and all other kitchen areas. You must participate fully in the actual food preparation, consistently produce food that is of high quality in taste and presentation and hasten especially in peak meal times as required. Assist in controlling food cost by properly training kitchen staff on the correct food preparation methods and proper handling of leftover food items.

It is necessary that you observe all the standards of service and ensure that all the other kitchen employees do the same. Ensure that the kitchen staff is dressed in the right uniform as per the restaurants set rules, well groomed and their overall appearance is up to standard. You must also set objectives for the kitchen, preempt and resolve any difficulties that arise and enact any idea that is profitable and cost saving. As a sous chef, you should be able to develop new menus and prepare such menus in accordance to recipes and product specifications. Properly train the kitchen staff on all new menus. It is your duty to maintain effective and clear communication in the kitchen and respond to all suggestions from team members. Do regular inspections of the whole kitchen, coolers and dish washing areas and immediately act to rectify any faults noticed during the inspection.

Approximate Amount of Pay

The salary of a sous chef is dictated by many things such as location, state you are in and the type of restaurant you work in. A sous chef who works in a large kitchen that receives many guests often earns more when compared to one in a small kitchen with few guests. The starting salary for a sous chef is from $35,00 to $40,000. For a sous chef who is experienced, your starting salary is higher.

Education Requirement

Many sous chefs begin their careers in other positions in the kitchen from cook to dish washer and master the skills needed for the work so as to move up the kitchen ladder. Nevertheless, you can gain the necessary experience by joining a trade school, traditional college or a formal culinary program. Even though you may have formal training if you wish to become a sous chef you should be ready to start at an entry level position such as a prep cook to acquire practical experience on the job. Alternatively you can join the American Culinary Federation which sponsors apprentice programs that include 2 to 3 years of actual classroom and hands on training. You become a Certified Sous Chef (CSC) after successful completion of the AFC program.

Beyond The Job Description Of Sous Chef

If you are hardworking, dedicated, talented and ambitious, you will quickly move up the kitchen ladder and become a head chef. Many sous chefs who advance to this coveted position are usually promoted within a restaurant replacing head chefs who were before them.

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