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Key Roles And Job Description For Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you are the public face of the store you work in. You are expected to provide fast and friendly services by actively looking for clients to evaluate their needs and offer assistance. You should put emphasis on product and department experience, give information on different features of products, and you should be aware of any related product in order to sell a complete project. As a sales associate in this position you must have knowledge on how to welcome, qualify, recommend and close all clients in their department and how to deal with basic requirements in adjacent departments. You are also expected to ask customers open ended questions so as to assess their needs and level of expertise. Additionally, you must show enthusiasm with the client and when needed handle several clients at once.

Sales Associate Job Responsibilities

You are in charge of maintaining the in-stock condition of allocated areas, ensuring that cleanliness is maintained in the department and it is safe and shoppable. All the other associates have the duty of facilitating a safe working and shopping environment by maintaining safety standards, completing particular safety training, promptly amending dangers and unsafe conditions or reporting such conditions to the superiors. All sales associates should cooperate with the supervisor in their department, other sales associates in the same department and the different sales departments in the store to guarantee the fulfillment of customers’ needs. You are also expected to describe features and benefits of products to customers and to assist them with special orders and installed sales. You should also give feedback about what is selling to managers and do a follow up on customers through telephone when needed.

Approximate amount of pay

The average beginning pay for a sales associate varies from $ 7.25 to about $9.00 an hour. Some sales associates may earn up to $ 15.00 an hour, but these depend on experience, location, employer, and your performance record. States that have a higher minimum wage requirement than the federal rate have a higher compensation rate. A sales associate in Colorado, Columbia district; Washington and Connecticut earns an average wage of almost $13 an hour. In addition to your pay, you will receive other perks such as discounts of about 15 to 25percent on the store products. Sometimes you will also be eligible for health insurance, retirement plans and vacations by the stores you work for. These benefits to a large extend enhance your starting salary and make the job more enticing. Some stores will pay you on hourly rates while others pay on commissions only. Other stores combine both commissions and hourly rates. There is no standard rate on how a store must pay. This is the reason why there is a difference in the pay rates across the industry. Additionally, sales associates often have a set target to meet and if you fail to, your services may eventually be terminated.

Education background

Formal education is not a necessary requirement for sales associates according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most stores especially those that deal with technical items prefer to train their sales associates. However some employers favor candidates with the following qualifications;

1. Pass the drug test

2. Pass the validated sales associate test

3. Pass the background check

4. Complete any necessary training successfully.

5. Basic computer knowledge

6. Have a high school diploma with good grades in math, economics, English and public speaking.


As a sales associate, your dedication and hard work in the store you are working in will determine your chances of getting promoted to a higher position in the store. A good sales associate will advance to a supervisory position such as a store manager or become a sales associate consultant. Such a career growth comes with an increase in your income and other benefits.

What Makes A Good Sales Associate?

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