Receptionist job description

What is A Receptionist?

image of a happy receptionistA receptionist serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and giving them clear directions to various departments of the business. It is the responsibility of a receptionist to notify company personnel of the arrival of a visitor and to maintain security and the telecommunication system. The receptionist is entrusted with maintaining security by following the company procedures when visitors arrive in the company, monitoring the log book and issuing visitor badges to all the visitors. Maintain employee and department directions and give the necessary instructions that fall within your line of work. Keep a clean and safe reception area by complying with procedures, rules and regulations set by the company. You are entrusted with maintenance of the telecommunication system by receiving, directing and passing telephone and fax messages.

Is receptionist The Right Job For You?

Receptionist job description usually include responsibility to pick and deliver all the mail, open and date stamp all general correspondence and keep up to date general filing system. Ensure that there is continuity among work teams by communicating and documenting irregularities, actions and continuing needs. Give assistance in the preparation and planning of meetings, conferences and conference calls. The company requires you to respond to all public inquiries and keep a close monitor on the use of supplies and equipment in the business. You are expected to develop and maintain a current and accurate filing system and also to coordinate repair and maintenance of all office equipment. It is your key responsibility to provide word processing and secretarial support and contribute positively to team effort by accomplishing the needed related results. The receptionist is also expected to give support to all the other staff members and the executive director when requested and provide administrative services for the executive director.

Approximate amount of pay

The salary of a receptionist varies depending on numerous factors which include the size of the company, industry, level of education, years of experience and location. The oil industry pays its receptionists the highest salaries. A higher degree will fetch you a better salary while a high school diploma will give you a minimum salary. The monthly salary for a receptionist in the United States ranges from $18,730 to $35,491 with an average salary of $25,326. This is because receptionists are needed in all the different industries and the job outlook for this job is about 24 percent meaning there is a high demand. Receptionists also receive benefits which vary from office to office, but most will receive a complete health insurance package and time off which is paid.

Education background

Generally, there is no exact standard for receptionist education although most employers require that you at least have a high school diploma. Additional schooling such as an associate or a bachelor’s degree will increase your starting salary. It’s important to be knowledgeable in computer skills such as spreadsheets, databases and word processing programs. In addition, being a receptionist in some industries like in medicine requires you to have specialized training so as to be familiar with different terminologies in that field. Whereas employers train their receptionists on the job, acquiring some outside training adds distinction to your resume and imparts useful skills. Great interpersonal communication skills will also increase your chances of getting hired.


A good receptionist has several career growth options. You can transfer to a position that has challenging responsibilities, be promoted to the role of a supervisor, or proceed to a better paying job like secretary or office assistance.

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