Line Cook Job description

Line CookIt is the obligation of the line cook to ensure that food is made to the exact specifications of the establishment, the chef and the customer. As the line cook you must be ready to work in a high pressure, fast paced work environment, while retaining organizational ability to see and act on work duties quickly and efficiently. Line cook job description usually include taking responsibility for daily chores of preparing food items in the pantry, stations or any other areas of the kitchen. Most restaurants have set specifications like portion control, presentation specifications and unique recipes which should be followed. Set up stations according to the restaurant rules and restock all items needed during the shift. The responsibility of cleaning and maintaining station by exercising good safety, sanitation and organizational skills lies within you. As the line cook, you should have an understanding and knowledge on how to use and maintain all equipment in the station and to cook food items as required in a clean and timely manner.

What Are Some Other Job Description of Line Cook?

Sometimes you will be required to assist in the sanitation, cleaning, proper organization of the kitchen, storage areas and walk in coolers. You should perform standard and any extra sanitary measures including sweeping of floors, cleaning of surfaces as well as proper covering and storing food items according to standards and procedures so as to ensure quality and safety of food. You will also be expected to prepare food for clients who have any food allergies or intolerances, serve food in the required portion size and at the proper temperature. Show flexibility and offer to fill any open shifts when required by variations in staffing and report any infringement in the necessary department. In case of any accidents or incidents; follow the right procedure of reporting to facilitate follow-up and prevention.

Approximate salary

The pay for a line cook is modest since the position is just an entry level. Most line cooks earn between $10.00 and $17.00 per hour. Just like all other jobs, your salary will depend on your education background and experience. Line cooks who successfully graduate from a culinary arts program starting salary is high and are likely to get promoted fast. Generally, the salary of a line cook will also depend on where you work, for instance, line cooks in gourmet restaurants and those working in large cities earn more money. There is also the great advantage of getting free meals which are not counted in your hourly wage. Most line cooks eat free food during their shifts.

Education background

Line cooks do not have specific formal education training because of the many restaurants with different requirements needed. However you will improve your chances of career development if you have the following qualifications;

1. High school diploma or GED equivalent

2. Computer literate with the ability to work using MS Word, Excel and email

3. A professional diploma in food services management

4. Basic skills in cooking techniques

Where Do You Go From Here?

The career path of a line cook depends on the size and kind of restaurant you are working in. If you are a good line cook, you can get promoted to a line supervisor in the restaurant. Career advancement could also involve moving to a bigger restaurant in a larger city which means you will earn more per hour.

The Best Line Cook

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