Janitor Job Description, Salary, And Duties

janitorA janitor has the same duties of a custodian. A janitor’s main responsibility is to maintain clean and safe buildings. As a janitor, you are expected to sweep, vacuum and mop floors in the building you are working in. You should also clean all the stairways and all corridors of the building with the help of powered equipment or by hand. It is also your duty to collect and properly dispose any trash in and around the building.
It is also part of your job description to answer doorbells and telephone calls that come during the night, regularly inspecting the building and surrounding grounds at night and checking whether windows, doors and locks are well locked and fastened. You should observe the general appearance of buildings and equipment and report any safety hazards that need external services from outside vendors. As a janitor, you are also expected to maintain and polish all the furniture in a building, metal works and décor pieces that are in a building using the right cleaning and polishing tools. If the building you are working in has break rooms with sinks, microwaves, refrigerators and countertops, then you will be expected to clean these items.
Most buildings also have window blinds, file cabinets, furniture on the corridors and windowsills. These items will need to be kept clean and it is your responsibility to clean them with treated cloths, mittens or any other hand cleaning items you are provided with. You will also be charged with the duty of scrubbing, sanitizing, waxing and buffing floors and corridors with the help of machines. As a janitor, you are expected to wash ceilings, mirrors, walls and fixtures with the assistance of ladders and steps in areas that are not easily accessible.

What are some other extra duties of a janitor?

You will also be expected to load and offload any supplies that are brought to the building, help in the moving of both light and heavy furniture with the help of equipment such as handcarts. A janitor is also charged with the duty of keeping an up to date inventory of cleaning and toiletry supplies. In case a building has outdoor lights, a janitor should always keep checking if they are functioning well and replace bulbs and fuses when necessary.
Sometimes a janitor maybe asked to do some ground maintenance tasks such as mowing grass, removing snow from walk ways and cutting bushes. They can also be asked to collect litter in the car park and ensure the area is always clean.
As a janitor, you will be expected to walk, bend, reach, stand and carry items for some extended periods therefore; you need to be physically fit.

Approximate Amount Of Pay

This industry has a wide disparity in terms of the pay scale. On average, janitor salary is about $ 10.68 an hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In a year, a janitor’s median salary is about $22,320. However, the best paid janitor makes about $37,790 while the least paid makes about $16,820. Janitors who are employed in the natural gas, rail transport, postal service and distribution industries have some of highest amounts of salaries. Also janitors who work in the cities of Danbury, Connecticut, New York, Brockton, Fairbanks and Massachusetts are also highly remunerated.

Education Background

Being a janitor does not require any educational requirements since you will learn most of the things on the job. Those that are beginning their janitor job usually work alongside an experienced janitor doing the routine tasks. As they learn more about the job, they are assigned more advanced duties and tasks. However, there is a certification that can be gotten from the International Sanitary Supply Association and the Building Service Contractors Association International. Most employers will also want you to have a high school diploma and a valid driver’s license.

Job outlook for janitors

Janitor job description often don’t include outlook, but this is one occupation that is set to increase in employment opportunities than any other occupation since there are more buildings that will be build to accommodate the growing population and economy, requiring more janitors to keep them clean. Another factor is that most janitors always leave their jobs for other better paying jobs which always create job opportunities in the industry. However, if you work well in your job as a janitor, you may get promoted to a supervisory role which comes with the addition of extra responsibilities. This is not a job you want to keep for so long since the salary is usually very low and it involves a lot of strenuous physical activities. Chances of getting promoted in this kind of job are also very limited and the fact that most janitor jobs are part-time it may not be one of the best jobs.

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