Healthcare Administration Job Description And Salary

healthcare administratorAs a healthcare administrator, your job description will be to plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the smooth delivery of health care services. These are either specialist with a supervisory role in a given clinical department or generalists who are charged with the duty of managing an entire facility. These facilities may include clinics, hospitals or community healthcare centers. A healthcare administrator is a very important component in the medical world since you will aid in the smooth running of a facility giving the physician less time spend on administrative tasks and more time spend with their patients.
The healthcare industry is a dynamic one with changes occurring often. If you would like to be a healthcare administrator, you should be ready to deal with;
• Incorporation of delivery systems in the healthcare industry,
• Technological advancements
• Increased awareness on preventive care.
• Regulations that should be followed
• The ever changing work environment

Healthcare Administration Duties

Healthcare administrator job description, duties, and level of responsibilities for differs depending on the size of a facility. For instance, a large facility will have assistant managers to assist the healthcare administrator handle the work available. This is because a healthcare administrator is very important in such a facility since you will perform critical tasks such as supervising clinical work for instance therapy and surgery.
In a modest facility, the healthcare administrator handles all the daily operations of the facility while at the same time ensuring the business is profitable and that the facility delivers the best care to its patients. As a healthcare administrator, you will also be responsible for the purchasing of materials and managing supplies and also finances. You will also make sure that the facility you are working in as a healthcare administrator complies with all the laws and regulations as per your states policies. Manage patient fees and billing, represent the facility you work for by serving on the board of governors or meeting with investors, keep up to date records on the facilities services, create work schedules for the faculty and employees and ensure there is a good communication system in place between nurses, physicians, medical staff, departmental heads and other members of the medical staff.
You will also be responsible for the recording and making all the necessary updates of patient information by ensuring that databases are dully complete, accurate and only accessible by the authorized personnel. The responsibilities of a health administrator are all similar despite the size of the facility. Generally, your duty as a healthcare administrator will be to cut down costs while maximizing on the efficiencies, ensuring that the facility provides the best services possible.

Approximate Amount Of Pay

A healthcare administrator enjoys a demanding yet rewarding career with many opportunities for advancements and income. The average healthcare administrator salary is about more than $96,000 annually according to Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011. For the healthcare administrators working in large facilities, they have an annual salary of $102,000. For healthcare administrators who work at physicians’ offices, they have an annual salary of $93,770 while those who oversee home healthcare earn about $85,860.
The salary of a healthcare administrator is also affected by several other factors such as ones professional background, size of facility, experience, the state you work in, and your educational training.

Education Background

A degree in healthcare administration or business management is a must have requirement for one to be a qualified healthcare administrator. The course work in this degree may include strategic planning, accounting, budgeting, economics (health) and management within the medical field. There is a given set of competencies that the BLS dictates that a healthcare administrator should posses such as, the ability to analyze complex information, clearly communicate with other professionals and organizes different tasks among others.
You are also expected to complete and pass a state approved training program and to pass a licensing examination.

Job Outlook For Healthcare Administrators

The BLS estimates that there will be a more than 20% growth rate for healthcare administrators in the coming years. There is a lot of technological advance in the healthcare field enabling a lot of people to live longer. This will need the expansion of the entire medical industry so as to accommodate the growing number of patients. This will mean there will be more demand for healthcare administrators to help in running healthcare facilities smoothly.
As a healthcare administrator, there are also so many career advancement opportunities. Most of healthcare administrators begin as assistant administrators and work their way up through the ranks to better paying positions such as a department head or associate administrator or by getting jobs in bigger facilities. Those that are highly experienced and have worked for several years in the healthcare system can become professors or consultants.

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