Construction Worker Job Description

Construction Worker2This position is a stepping stone in the construction industry before getting a more skilled position. Below we will talk about Construction Worker Job Description, responsibility, salary, and job outlook. A construction worker mainly performs majority of the physical labor needed in the work. You must show knowledge and willingness to grasp all areas in the construction industry and have at least a hammer, tape measure and pliers. Help in excavation or back fill activities using a pick and a shovel and be able to lift and carry forms, tools lumber and several other materials and tools. Skillfully operate the sand blaster, jackhammer, concrete saw and chipping hammer and show ability to become proficient in the use of skill saws, hammer drills and drills. Load and unload trucks with construction materials, perform general clean up around the construction site by removing garbage, debris and trees and help in setting steel and wood form systems that the company uses. You are also expected to give assistance to surveyors in stakeout by holding a tape, prism and plumb bob when necessary.

Carry, place and tie reinforcing steel, rig loads and signal operators and assist carpenters by measuring and cutting lumber, nailing and retrieving materials. You should also be ready to help in setting wood and steel form systems that the company uses. Identify and solve problems in a quick manner, work well in group and be open to other ideas and try new things. You must read and clearly understand written information and avoid wastage of organizational resources. If there is any traffic passing through or near your work area, it is your responsibility to control traffic by directing with signs, traffic cones and barricades. It is you duty to set, pour, level and form concrete when needed.

Approximate Amount of Pay

The salary of a construction worker varies according to the skills of the worker. Some workers earn lower pay while others who are highly experienced earn high hourly wages. On average, a construction worker who does not have any supervisory role makes $21.87 an hour or about $842 in a week. Many people assume that the construction workers are always working and earn a good salary, but the construction industry is seasonal and often when the weather is bad construction workers do not go to work.

Education Requirements

Normally there is no particular educational requirement for entry-level construction workers. However, you are expected to have a General Equivalency Diploma or high school diploma. For you to succeed in your career, English, physics, math, welding and shop classes are paramount. These classes are offered in many community colleges or high schools. Whereas many employers prefer that one has previous experience doing the same work, if you have the necessary skills, it is strongly advisable to apply for the job.

Beyond The Construction Worker Job Description

If you have a firm grasp of estimates of projects, good computer skills, and you can clearly communicate with subcontractors and clients, you may adverse to a general contractor or supervisor. The ability to also communicate in both English and Spanish is also an added advantage since the number of Spanish speaking construction workers is on the rise.

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