Bartender Job Description

image of BartenderA bartender prepares and serves drinks to guests in bars and restaurants following all the required standards, policies and procedures in relation to food and beverage service with a strong emphasizes on customer satisfaction. The ultimate goal of a bartender is to ensure that customers enjoy their visit and feel compelled to return. You will serve drinks to guests in a friendly and helpful manner with a smile with reference to the service policies and procedures. Be knowledgeable of the menu offerings and inform guests of any daily offers on drinks in the restaurant. In case a guest needs off menu items such as classic cocktails, respond appropriately and offer the needed help. Ensure that items are correctly organized at all times and wash utensils and glassware as needed. You are also required to keep the bar area clean and orderly always and to keep track of liquors, beers, wines and other supplies.

The responsibility behind bartender job description is that you are expected to maintain the product quality by regularly checking beer pipes, cordials and juices and also following the correct opening and closing procedures. Communicate clearly with colleagues and guests regarding beverage orders. Since most of your business as a bartender involves a lot of interaction with clients, you should maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene and body language and also be fully conversant with the hygiene policy of the restaurant. Strictly follow the hotels existing laws, statutes and applicable ordinances by reporting any potential and real hazards immediately to a supervisor. You are required to attend any training sessions and meetings when necessary and continuously seek to expand your knowledge on this area as much as possible. As a bartender, you must make sure a customer meets the minimum age for the consumption of alcohol and tobacco products. An extra responsibility is to ensure that guests do not drink too much alcohol.

Approximate amount of pay

The amount of money a bartender makes depends mainly on the place you work and your experience. You can make as much as $14 an hour and that’s without tips! On average, bartenders make about $9 an hour. Most of your customers are likely to give you tips and also depending on the hotel, you may earn a tip out. On a busy weekend, you might even walk out with some hundred dollars in the pocket on top of your salary. On a bad night? Well, let’s say it’s not so bad you make $9 an hour.

Education background

Very few employers require any formal training or education for bartenders, but high school diploma is important. Most bartenders learn their skills while on the job. However, there is training for bartenders in vocational and technical schools. These trainings include instructions on state and local laws and regulations. The training also covers cocktail recipes, conduct and attire, and stocking a bar. If you wish to work in a fine restaurant, you should attend a mixology school.

Beyond The Job Description Of Bartender

The opportunities for growth as a bartender are limited but with experience, you may get employed in fine restaurant or a cocktail lounge where the pay is higher. However, you may get promoted to head bartender, wine steward or beverages manager. Some bartenders start their own business after gaining the needed experience.

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