Assistant manager job description

What Are The Responsibility Of Assistant Manager?

Assistant managerThe assistant manager assists the manager in inspiring and motivating their team to achieve the set targets in the business. You will help the manager in analyzing weekly, monthly and yearly sales, and come up with plans to increase top line sales. As an assistant manager, you will facilitate clear communication between the retail floor staff and office staff. It is your duty to recruit, interview, hire and give the sales team the appropriate training. The management of the payroll budget is under your control so as to make sure that the contribution of the business is on target. When the company manager is away, the assistant manager assumes the roles of the manager and performs the duties and tasks of the manager. You are expected to create schedules that ensure there is the needed number of staff at all times and motivate them so as to maintain a positive work environment.

Proactively create an environment that is welcoming for customers by greeting and offering assistance when needed in addition to responding to the needs of customers and questions quickly. Identify activities that will increase traffic to the business through community events as parties or weddings. As an assistant manager, the business will expect you to demonstrate the desired behaviors for the other members of the team including dealing with complicated sales, management of cash, driving up sales and doing a follow up with customers. You should also ensure that newly received products are stocked in a timely manner and that all pricing and signage are correct all the time.

Approximate amount of pay

The approximate salary for an assistant manager just starting out is from $31,466 to $41, 900 monthly but with experience, the salary increases. This pay depends on various factors like location, state, level of education, years of experience, company size and type of business. Not many people work for long as assistant managers since this is a post that has several growth opportunities if one puts the required hard work. As an assistant manager, you will enjoy other benefits from the company you work for like full health insurance packages and family holidays which the company caters for. You will also receive bonuses at different times of the year like on Christmas, but this depends on how you have performed your duties in the course of the year.

Education background

The requirements needed for one to be an assistant manager differ depending on the business size and policies of the business owner or owners. Smaller companies that have different owners may sometimes promote a lower level sales person to an assistant manager. Larger companies prefer to hire an individual who has about 1-3 years experience in retail store management with a college certificate or degree applicable in management or business administration. If you possess a degree that majors in social sciences or liberal arts, you may be considered. In addition to the academic qualifications, you need to have exceptional verbal and written skills in communication. Being trained on first aid skills is also an added advantage.


An assistant manager has the potential to progress in their career. This development comes as a result of dedication and commitment to your work. You need to go beyond the assistant manager job description and make impacts to the organization you are in. With the necessary level and experience, you can get promoted to a manager and also obtain a career globally which comes with high pay and benefits package.

Interview Of A Retail Assistant Manager


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